You Are Privileged, here’s how

Everyone is privileged

I truly believe it when I say that you’re privileged. It might not seem to you right now but allow me to prove it. What is privilege? A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group) according to google. Which is incorrect because privilege is with everyone. People usually associate the word privilege with monetary and network power of a person. Quotas do nothing but aggravate the situation. They instill in a person’s mind that they alone aren’t enough. The only way to change this is by changing ones mindset.

Everyone start from the bottom

Every privileged person either started from the bottom or someone from his previous generation did. We shouldn’t be judging based off of the present if anyone is privileged or no. We need to eliminate the idea that someone else is more privileged than you are. Once we do so, we break free from the mental barrier of not being enough. We open up a world of possibilities for ourselves. If you are to achieve anything that you dare to dream, it has to start with your mind. Train your mind to not look at who has an advantage but to think that everyone started from the bottom.

Privileged use the assets not excuses

In a previous blog, we spoke about being on the creative side and not the competitive side. The reason being when you’re on the competitive side you look for excuses. Similarly when you say a person is more privileged than you, you make yourself powerless. Rather start using the assets that you possess. By asset I mean your mind and your skills. Mind is one of the biggest asset that a person can have. No amount of privilege or networking can defeat a person that trusts his own mind and abilities. When you use the assets, excuses never come into play.

Don’t see it, imagine it.

The power of our mind is limitless. It might be difficult to see with your physical eyes that everyone is privileged including you. Hence, use your imagination to see the power the mindset of everyone starts from the bottom beholds. Soon you’ll achieve things that you thought were impossible once upon a time. Stay disciplined to this mindset, it is easy to be sidetracked. If you persevere and stay true to the mentality that everything is possible with you and don’t ever doubt it. You’ll be soon seeing how privileged you are and how privileged you can be.


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