We become what we think, if only

God created this world and everything in it with his words, if he created us in his likeness, don’t you think that our words also have the same power to create our future? if only we used it wisely. 

I conducted a poll on Instagram asking people, ‘Are you on the path of becoming what you thought you would be?’ and of the 155 that saw the post only 45 managed to reply. Well I’ve got good news for you, you’ve got a destination to go to and that’s half the battle already won. Almost 38% of those said that they weren’t on the path of their aspiration. About 5 years ago, I would’ve fallen in this 38% category because I knew what my destination was, I knew how to get there but I never ever was bold enough to take that path on accounts of the fear of criticism. I asked whether they are on their path and they said no, whatever their reason may be. Well there are three ways to get on your path that you aspire to take; thought, words and action.

Almost everyone we come across in life has thought out a dream for themselves but a vast majority (98%) of those never achieve their dream. Why is that so? Because they don’t do what it takes to be successful, they don’t act on it like most of the successful people of the world do. Yes, in my previous blog I mentioned that you become how you think but that’s not the whole of it. In order to be successful or become what you’ve wanted to become it is very important to write down your goals and ways you’re going to reach that goal. Once you’ve those noted down, it’s time you start ticking them off by working on them. Take for example my friend from Mangalore, he wants to be a speaker because he finds joy in it but he didn’t know where to begin. I suggested that he start with YouTube by posting videos of himself speaking on various topics, since that was too uphill a task, seeing how Instagram stories are a trend these days, I also told him that he could post stories on his profile to get a hang of it. He liked the idea very much but there was problem, he said that he was scared of people laughing at him. I just told him to go for it because there will be always people criticising those who’re doing their thing. And usually the ones those are criticising are people who couldn’t do it themselves or were afraid themselves. It’s time we start on working on our dreams before we regret not achieving them.

Like I’ve mentioned before, I ended up setting myself back by 4 years because I was afraid of criticism but as they say it’s never too late to begin working on your dream. One of the current and most successful example of what is means to act on your dreams is Bill Gates himself. He dropped out of Harvard, with the intention of starting his own computer software company but always knowing that if it didn’t work out, he would take up his studies again. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, has a different way to achieve his dream. He says if you have a dream, start on it but make sure you imagine there is a wall behind you, there’s no turning back and the only way is to move ahead. Both these personalities had a dream but two different ways to achieve it. Bill Gates thought that he could always go back to studies if his software company failed and Dwayne believed that leaving himself with only one way to achieve his goal, he would work his ass off towards his dream knowing there was no way back. What we can take from this is that although both had different path rules for their dream, they took action on that path and it is time you do too. Now, this principle doesn’t just apply when it comes to your dream, in fact in every walk of your life, if you ever want to achieve something, write down the goal and the ways to do it and keep taking action till you haven’t reached it. If want to lose weight, just the thought of it or saying it won’t help you reduce weight. It is only when you buckle down and take action will be you able to do it. If you want to learn English, just by thinking you wouldn’t learn English, you’d have to read books, have conversation with people in order to learn English.

I’d like to share with you’ll an anecdote, being the rainy season earthworms come out of their hiding and as I sat reflecting on this topic, I noticed an earthworm trying to get somewhere, but for the entirety of the time that I watched it, there was no progress as it kept moving to and fro. Isn’t that how most of us are? We have a vision of our dream, we know how to get there but we don’t want to do what it takes or that we are too afraid of failing. Unless we align our thoughts, words and actions towards our goal we will be like that earthworm, without any progress, just moving to and fro. Here’s to all those who have a dream, ‘Get out there and do it, if it doesn’t work out you learned how not to do it but if you succeed it’s all because you took action.’

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