Voodoo: Should you fear it?


Why is it that people who believe in God believe in superstitions? What drives the mindset? Is it the fear of superstition or the lack of faith in God? Or both? Or is it that voodoo works because we fear it will work? Voodoo exists because fear exists in the minds of humans. Our minds are what make the superstition you believe in come true. People who attend holy places on the regular also succumb to this mindset. How do we overcome this fear? What can we do differently and break the cycle?

Strengthen Your Mind

You can overcome fear by not letting it get the better of you. The way you can ensure that is by strengthening your mind. The stronger your mind, the better you will resist the fear that eventually comes to fruition. It does not mean that you will never fear again. But you become good at not letting fear drive your emotions, which would have affected your decision making. The key to strengthening your mind is to regulate what is absorbed by your subconscious mind. Make sure that you filter out all the negative emotions and thoughts before your subconscious absorbs them. The best method to get results is meditation. The more you practice meditation, the better you will get at muting the noise of negativity. After practising this long enough, superstitions will feel criminal.  

Look at the Positives

Another way to not fear voodoo/superstitions is by looking at the positives after something happens in your life. It is hard to think straight when going through a difficult moment. Hence it is better to analyse a situation after it passes and note down all the positives. How does it matter that a circumstance affected a golden opportunity for you? There might be a better opportunity coming your way. What if things did not go as planned? Maybe there is perfection meant to be in that unplanned imperfection. Every negative situation you go through has a positive outlook to it. Developing an eye to finding the positive in the negative, finding light in dark times takes a lot of practice. At first, finding the good in a bad situation may seem impossible. But as you practice it, it will become second nature.

Taking Responsibility

People who go through a bad situation in life tend to look to the outside. They talk about an evil eye, about a third person wanting bad to happen to them. Even if they did want you to fail and used voodoo to sabotage your work, they did not make the final decision that led you into a bad situation. The decision was all under your control. Taking responsibility for the bad you go through helps you self-analyze the next time you face a difficult moment. This self-analysis eventually helps a person take better and more calculated decisions. 

If you follow the things mentioned above, the alleged voodoo/superstitious will not affect you anymore. Fear will not bind you. Instead, the hopefulness of the subconscious will liberate you. You will have a subconscious that will operate on a level far superior to that of an untrained mind.

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