This Changed my Life forever

Every idea from the electricity to airplanes to smartphones seemed impossible, only when those who believed in these ideas gave it their all, were they able to turn it into reality and turn non-believers to believers.

So far, I’ve published five blogs and if you’ve read them, you’ll see the pattern, they revolve around the idea of changing your life with your thinking and executing the plan which you come up with. But to most of the readers it might seem like an exaggeration or an impossible idea to conceive, because I too found it unrealistic the very first time I heard about it. But all that changed when I let the idea sink in. Even though I didn’t believe it made a difference, I thought of giving it a try.


– Norman Vincent Peale

This was the first ever book which intrigued my curiosity, for the simple fact that I questioned what the book was offering, how can the way I think change the way my life goes? Isn’t life a destiny and everything in your life is already planned by god? So, I decided I had to buy it. I had to read what the book had to say cause somewhere deep down I did want my life to change for the better. I wasn’t quite satisfied with my life either. And maybe this was the answer to the questions which I kept asking myself every single day.

“Never judge the book by its cover”, they say but I did exactly that. Every time I walked into a book store I would browse through books and see whether the title hit the right chord for me and if it did, I would judge it based on its summary at the back. And the book by Norman Vincent Peale claimed that it could change the life of the one who read it. The book had many ideas for becoming a positive thinker that would eventually change your life, but I would love to talk about one which comes ever so often in our life, and people don’t see the importance of it.

“Positive Affirmations”

I struggled to think of positive affirmations, cause all my life I was a negative thinker, thinking that everything bad is written in my life alone and that there’s no good ever going to happen. So, I typed down all the positive affirmations I saw in the book and printed it. Every where I went I carried these affirmations with me. And I read it twice, once in the morning and one before going to bed and at times when I felt low, or when I felt that negative thought process was making a comeback. Here’s my list of affirmations,

P.S: You can see how my thinking affected my words when I wrote, ‘Do not be afraid to fail’ when in essence I should’ve written, ‘Be brave to face failure, in order to succeed’ (Make these changes to your list and add more affirmations if you can think of them)

As I end this blog, I would like to give you a task, take a printout of these affirmations and repeat it whenever you feel down. You can replace Christ with names of your Gods or whatever you believe in (to all the atheist). Repeat this process diligently for a week. And it might just change your life like it changed mine.

Comment below if you’ve heard about this method and how you’ve used to it to your advantage.

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