In my previous blog I helped you with ways to achieve happiness and success in your life. Today, I answer the age old question of ‘Who am I?’, ‘What is my purpose in life?’, ‘Am I happy with my present self?’ Anyone who has answered this question, has truly achieved the ultimate, all that person has to do is grow. But what about those who aren’t fortunate enough to do so on their own. When asked about what is life Michio Kaku says ‘Life is about constantly reinventing yourself.’ (Skip to 3:57)

People usually fail to reinvent themselves, cause they are busy trying to fit in to society. They try to please people, they take on the identity people approve of. Like in my school days, there were students who tried to be the jokers of the class, why? cause they got recognition for being funny and were surrounded by fellow classmates who were amazed at his/her bravery. They take this identity forward, later realising that all they’re doing is making themselves unhappy by pretending, eventually it all comes down to how are you making yourself happy. And in order to get out of this rut which has completely changed your personality and to find your true self, we are needed to do certain things, in order to achieve our full potential.

Daniel Chidiac’s the author of the inspiring book ‘Who says you can’t? you do’ suggests us with a simple solution. He tells us to ask ourselves these 5 questions and the answers which come out of these questions is who we truly are and which will help in the quest to discover your true self and unlock your full potential.

Am I loving person?

Am I respectful?

Am I compassionate?

Am I generous and sharing?

Am I honest?

Am I grateful?

Reflect on these questions, till you’ve found your answer to these questions. Once you’ve reached a conclusion, take most of life’s toughest decisions based on the answers that you got. Often times our ego, our desire to fit perfectly in this imperfect world clouds our sense of who we truly are.

The True You

Another perfect way to find our way back is through meditation. Meditation doesn’t have to be a slow and constant repetition of a word, neither an hour long activity. Meditation is like seeing your train of thoughts go by in a blur as if you’re standing still. It is as easy as closing your eyes and reflecting on the questions until you’ve found the answer. All you need is 10 mins a day focusing on finding your true self and eventually the answers will come your way. Meditate on the questions above and you’ll find your way back to happiness, a way back to the true you.

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