The Guide to Happiness & Success

Have you ever wondered why is there no good coming in your life? Have you believed that all the negative only comes in your life and that there’s no happiness reserved for you at all? If your answer to all the above questions was a resounding YES, then you’re rightfully here. I’ve got good news for all you struggling with these questions.

A lot of people struggling with these questions always end up blaming their fortune, their life or their family and this is where they go wrong. The only way to find a solution to these questions and get all that you ever wanted in life, then you need to stop the blame game. Do you know that when you point at something, the other three fingers are pointing at you? So rather than blaming things for your misfortune, its time to look at what your three fingers are pointing at. It’s time to look at ourselves.

Just like how you eat defines how you feel, if you eat more than needed you feel sick, if you eat less you feel like you need to eat more, the same thing applies to our life, what we get in our life is directly proportional to what we feed it. Just pause for a moment and pay attention to a thought which has overpowered your mind. Is it about how bad your life is? Is it about how unhappy you are? Is it about all the misfortunes you have faced in life?  These thoughts/questions are what you’re feeding your life and hence life is giving you results accordingly.

Below are ways you start feeding your life with thoughts of happiness and success to get what you always wanted:

Write down three things that make you happy in life.

Everyday when you wake up, write down three things you’re happy about, and if at any point in time during that day you start getting those negative thoughts or questions, counter those thoughts by repeating those three things you’re happy about or that make you happy over and over until those three things become your dominating thought. Repeat the process of making a list of things that make you happy for a month and work on making those things your dominating thought of the day. After the end of the month, follow the list all over again, till the time you’ve reprogrammed your mind to think positive thoughts by default. Don’t worry if you cannot condition your mind to think positive overnight or even in a few months, remember the time it took for your mind to make negative thoughts the dominating thoughts of your mind was longer. Just don’t stop and keep going, eventually you’ll kill those ‘ANTs – Automatic Negative Thoughts’ and think positively as easy as you breathe.

Write down your goals and how you want to achieve those goals.

In order to be successful in life the same principles apply, feed your mind with thoughts of success and believe that you’re going to achieve the success that you desired. The best way to achieve that success is to write down what success means to you, whether it means owning a particular brand of car, having money in your bank account, living the life of luxury etc., and write down ways you can achieve all these things. Repeat these goals in your mind and the means by which you’re going to achieve them twice during your day and then take action to achieve your goal.


The final step for a complete transformation is your belief that whatever you think of, or whatever goals you set, you’re going to achieve those goals, you’re going to get all the happiness you ever wanted in life. Whatever you wrote down is coming your way.

If you follow these steps, everything good is going to be attracted to you, no matter how impossible you thought  it was before but not anymore. You are the master of your happiness and success. All you have to do is Think, Believe and Receive.

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