Voodoo: Should you fear it?

Why is it that people who believe in God believe in superstitions? What drives the mindset? Is it the fear of superstition or the lack of faith in God? Or both? Or is it that voodoo works because we fear it will work? Voodoo exists because fear exists in the Continue Reading

Detach, Distract, Overcome

Before I begin today’s blog I would like to express my gratitude to all our readers for supporting us. Writing this blog is like talking to each one of you face to face for me and hence I pour my heart out when I write these. I would also like Continue Reading

Life Update 5.0: A dream come true

An idea that popped in my head 10 years ago has finally come true. An idea of making money working from home while being my own boss. Ever since I passed out school I looked for ways to making money while at home and did find some gems but never Continue Reading

Talking to the Sub-Conscious

Ever since the beginning of this blog I’ve been saying it over and over again the importance of having the right mindset towards everything in life. Right from how you live it to what is your purpose to sticking through your purpose. Even though I’ve mentioned it I’ve never exactly Continue Reading