Streaming the right content

Streaming the right content

It is the age of online content, live streams and streaming premium content. Everyone and everything is happening on the move. We are into the world of 5G enabled smartphones already but the world of streaming isn’t new to us. Ever since man was capable of thinking, he began streaming. Streaming the thoughts to his/her mind to develop tools and move higher up the food chain. We then developed tools for agriculture and irrigation and used nature to our advantage. This helped us settle in one place rather than being a nomad. The constant stream of thoughts is what helped him make the advancement.

The stream that has helped mankind make the advancement has also led them to destruction. People often look at the final picture and complain about how their life isn’t good enough. But what they fail to realize is the fact that the final picture is a result of their direction. The direction that they give their mind through their thoughts.

Conscious Efforts

Making a conscious effort to change streaming of wrong content

Before you decide to change the stream, you need to make a conscious effort to change. It begins with understanding how your life has played out so far and how much it had to do with your thinking. It is 100% if you ask me. Every bad picture that ever played in your life might be the direct result of your content. It is time you watch those thoughts. If you want the dream job, think of getting it. Not of not having one. There is a thin line between the right stream and wrong stream, you just have to autotune it with conscious efforts.

Staying disciplined with the stream

change the stream. In other words, you will need to exercise your mind in order to not fall back to the old stream. As you develop consistency with your stream, so will the picture that you see change. Whether it is a job, a relationship or a goal that you want to achieve, it is very important the content that you stream. Although there were some things that didn’t go as plan due to the content you were streaming, changing your stream won’t change your past. It is important you do not dwell in the past as you begin streaming anew. Your stream of thoughts is going to change how your future unfolds. Your future self will thank you for streaming the right content.

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