Right or Wrong: Who is the judge?

Right or Wrong

What makes a decision right or wrong? Who decides or precedes over the judgement? Often times our mind is the perfect judge that lets you know when you are wrong. There is that inner gut feeling that hints you that there is something wrong about what you are about to do. The fact is that, it is right more often than not. Certain decisions you take are just straight up wrong if they are breaking the law. Whether you think the law is right or not, it does help bring a system to the chaos that happens everyday. But what about your dreams, your aspirations? Just because someone tells you, your aspirations don’t matter doesn’t mean they shouldn’t? You are the judge to all that.

Elders are always right when it comes to your career or are they?

Sure, elders are our guiding light when it comes to life lessons but that doesn’t mean they choose our career for us. Continuing their elder’s path or their family business isn’t everyone’s destiny. Some create a path of their own. But it is the sad reality that many don’t live to fulfill their aspirations as some of them are crushed before their imagination takes shape. Are you doing yourself any justice if you aren’t following your dreams? For some circumstances do not support the path they want to take but that doesn’t mean they cannot revisit this path later on in life. I believe everyone should revisit their squashed dreams when life allows them to and try and rekindle the spark that could turn in to a blazing passion.

Respecting your elders is one thing but sacrificing your dreams is a whole different ball game. Listen to your inner gut feeling that is right more often than not. If it is hinting at you to be a professional athlete then go for it by all means. But there is one condition though, don’t let anyone put you down if things don’t work out as planned. You ought to be proud of yourself because you tried. Remember your elders are just the light on your helmet as you pave your path, they guide you as stride towards your destiny.

F*** the crowd, they don’t know right from wrong when it comes to you

What if you are the only one in your path? What if you are going in the opposite direction? Discouragement is going to set in when you see the crowd going in the opposite direction, but you got to believe in yourself. Like Steve Harvey once said, you’re like a blue chip stock, just because it is dipping doesn’t mean you dump it. Believe in your worth, don’t let a crowd frenzy sway you from your path.

The crowd is there to only follow success. They are only going to criticize everything you do when you begin grinding. The only way to shut them up is by showing them your success. It will only be a matter of time after your success that they begin following you.

Ultimately when it comes to right or wrong about your dreams, you are the only judge that counts and matters. Even if you meet thousands of them that will try and judge you. In the end they will only be witnesses to your judgement as you achieve great things in life.

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