Pain is good for various reasons


People use no pain, no gain to keep themselves motivated during times of crisis. It has been the motto for many gym-goers. But how is the emotional pain good for you. Let’s face it, no human on earth is going to think of gains during times of trouble. We become extremely vulnerable at such time. How do we manage this pain? How is it good? Whenever we think of pain, we associate it with something bad. In the aftermath of things, we never analyze a bad event in our life. It is about time, we do analyze our bad moments because eventually, that is what makes us who we are. Not the success or the wealth but the lessons learnt during tough times. We need to learn to see pain as a fuel that drives us, not something that burns us.

If you believe in a higher power

Those that believe in a higher power, believe that troubles are a way of God testing their faith. In other words, they take it as a test and continue to push through it. All the while believing that the moment will pass. People hold on to the belief that the troublesome moment is temporary and they fall back on the higher power to help them through. . Believing in a higher power is crucial for withstanding pain. Many religious scriptures, talk about the time when God tests the faith of his people and even after all the pain if the people have faith, he blesses them with abundance. I’m not forcing you to believe in a higher power if you don’t want to but if you do believe, it is like an anchor of a ship that holds it in its place come what may.


Pain leads us to a better life

When we do analyze the bad moments, the moments when we were at our lowest, we realize more often than not that bad moments lead us to something better. Pain is the compass that corrects our trajectory of life for the better. When relationships that we thought the world of fall after, it does trouble us initially, but after those painful moments you do realize that it was for the better. For some, it takes longer to heal than the rest of us but it does eventually get better. Here’s an activity for you, let’s recollect all the bad moments in our lives and see what they were followed by. After the initial shock and a feeling of being lost, it did get better, didn’t it? So if you feel like you are in a relationship that is more toxic than blooming then it is time for you to let go.

When I talk about relationships, I just don’t mean the romantic ones. For many people, their work was their relationship and they were laid off due to the pandemic. People were pushed out of their comfort zone overnight. A lot of them had to get creative to make ends meet. For some, this creativity led to starting a business or a freelance gig of their own. Which they wouldn’t have started if they had their job security. Curiosity might be the mother of invention but adversity is the mother of creation. No one makes more moves than the person going through adversity.

Feel it

Let’s help others and fight pain

Like I said in the previous blog, in hindsight everything turns out for the better. Now, not all have the strength within them to get through this pain, so we have to be on the lookout for people struggling. We have to be there for people to help them get through, to help them see the light. Pain is the course corrector that guides us. Once you have gone through pain, you use the lessons learnt for it as the guiding principle for life onwards.

The Pain you feel today

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