Naruto: Believe it formula that you need

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It has been a hot minute since we last uploaded but the point is to get the best blogs for our readers. Morals drawn from real life usually inspire our blogs. Today’s blog is a little off theme as it takes inspiration from an anime character. Naruto, is a ninja that graduates from the academy with a dream to become the leader in his clan. The purpose behind the dream is to gain respect from the people in his community. That is the general premise of this character for those that haven’t watched the series or haven’t heard about it.

Now, I’m not asking our readers to go and train to become a ninja. But I’d like you to focus on the qualities of Naruto that stand out. Those are the qualities what truly makes an ordinary person a ninja. Let’s look at those qualities now.

Naruto: Never backs down

Straight after Naruto graduated from the institute he was faced with a very tough opponent. But he never backed down once. Then on he dived in head first into any challenge he faced. Similarly we need to take up challenges that come up in our life and meet them head on. It doesn’t matter how big the challenge is, it doesn’t matter if you win or lose. But what matters is that you face it head on. There are challenges in everyone’s life that you defeat you but they makes you stronger. Every challenge whether we win or lose has something to be gained from it. Don’t ever back down from a challenge. Face it!

He Has Grit


Although he was just learning to apply the ninja craft Naruto’s grit never let him stop. He just keeps on plowing through all his failures. A flurry of attempts follows every setback. We need to keep on pushing in times like these. There will be moments that don’t go your way but you’ve got to keep on pushing. Life isn’t about how you start or how you finish, it is about the journey. Your journey is what makes the end reward a lot sweeter. Be determined to keep pushing till you can’t push no more and you won’t have any regrets.

He lives with purpose


Of course all the above qualities pale or rather are not possible if he fails to live with purpose. Purpose is what drives humans to new heights. Having a purposeful life is the key to success or failure. Naruto’s purpose to get respect from his community is what drives him. After every set back he faces he reminds himself of his purpose. And starts all over again. Your purpose is the fuel that will keep your engine running. Live your life with a purpose that you feel close with. If you do that there will be nothing that will be able to stop you, including you.

Some might argue that anime is not a place to take inspiration from and that it is just for entertainment. But the person who created the series was inspired by something. And he portrayed that inspiration through these series. The true reward for a creator is when we use their creation to draw inspiration from. Whether it be anime, a movie or a song, you can use anything to draw inspiration. Because creation stems from inspiration. Hence, draw inspiration from these 3 qualities of Naruto and apply them in your life and see life take a turn for the better.s

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