Let’s Appreciate

Here’s a message from my friend who suggested that I write on self love,

“I want people to know that once you love your own self and you know how you are as a person it’ll be easier for another person to love you. If you can’t love your flaws and inequities, you can’t ask another man, guy or whoever to love those parts of you and that love is beyond finding a partner. It’s like finding love in reading books because that’s your safe place.”

I’m going to be very honest with you guys, this is one of the hardest topic I’ve ever written. I just couldn’t think of anything to help you guys out neither did I have examples from my life to share with you, my readers. So, I decided to do what I’ve been saying since my first blog; to attract a moment of inspiration to write on this topic. I started keeping a keen eye out for anything that I thought would help me with this topic and it was finally revealed. Here’s what was revealed and how can a person generate self-love for one’s own self.

The reason I struggled to write on this topic is because I never really practiced anything that remotely resembled self-love. Everyday looking at yourself in the mirror doesn’t really count as self-love. The only real time you really start generating that feeling of being loved is when you start appreciating things around you, that includes your body. People in the 21st century have lost the art of appreciation, they are more eager to curse and blame for not having something. Rather than just appreciate the fact that they’ve got what other people dream of having. During results, we see students committing suicide because they were 3% short of their target of 98%. Why do people not realise the importance of having so many things but rather crib/curse (in most cases god) for not giving them those little things they wanted.

Many people these days, think their life is bad and think of themselves as the victim hence focusing all their attention on the negative energy of feeling bad for themselves rather then focusing on the positive by appreciating all that you’ve received in life. Appreciate the fact that you’re alive and that you’re seeing this amazing creation of god unfold in front of your eyes. When people act as victims, they end up taking rash decisions of ending their life. Appreciation for things you received creates happiness and a sense of responsibility for those things, happiness in turn creates love and love has the power to change the most inhuman being. 

As per a recent study, 1 in 3 adults in the US take medications linked with depression. Although the practice of taking medication is not as common in India but we resort to other means to numb our depression i.e., drinking alcohol, smoking etc. which might help them for the time being but it also affects their health in the long term. Here are some shocking statistics about depression in India and around the globe(http://yourdost.com/blog/2017/03/depression-statistics-in-india.html?q=/blog/2017/03/depression-statistics-in-india.html).

I know I diverted from the topic of self-love but in the end all of it connects, the only reason for not being able to love life, depression and always being unhappy is the fact that there is lack of appreciation. So, I call each and every one of you reading this to participate in a 21 days challenge with me because studies state that it takes 21 days to develop or break a habit. I want people reading this to start writing three things in life they are appreciative of whether it be food, your job, the pet you have etc., I want you guys to write three things that make you happy in life and repeat these 3 things to yourselves throughout that day. Don’t worry if you can’t think of 3 things at the start, write one and keep progressing. I promise you by the time these 21 days are over, you will have developed the habit of always staying happy, you will be loving life like you’re the emperor of this world and you will have found your safe (happy) place.

Share this with people in need because you just might save someone’s life and help them get on the right track. Before I end this, I would like to thank everyone who reads, comments and shares my blogs. Also, I would like to thank those who suggest topics for me to write on, keep it coming.

Let the appreciation begin.

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