Indecision thwarts dreams like no one can


In today’s day and age, people are quick to make decisions about their lifestyle rather than their life. The idea of changing your life for the better or working on one’s dream seems to stump many. People tend to lose track wasting their time on planning, planning and more planning. When in reality, all they had to do was take action. Now, when I say action doesn’t mean you do not plan, of course, you plan the first few steps but when this planning turns to over-analysis that’s when you have a problem.

There is a fine line between analysis and over-analysis, a person will not know when that line is crossed. Bam! Someone else is using your idea successfully and it hits you like a ton of bricks. That’s when you’d wish you had started sooner. Over-analysis puts a leash on your progress. Over-analysis also leads to indecision. It does nothing but paralyzes you. Here’s what you need to do instead.

Eliminate Indecision by planning for the present

When you are making decisions about your career path or your life, plan based on the present situation. Don’t think about the future. See what will benefit you as of today, not tomorrow. Why? Because you do not know what the future holds. There is no amount of planning that can prepare us for the future. Only one predictable thing; is the present. Your hard work now is what counts. So stop planning for the future that isn’t there yet. Instead, live in the moment and make an impact right now.

Indecision stems because of us trying to predict the future. When you take the future out of the equation, you make the right progress. Once you have an action plan, all you have to do is adapt to the future. Adapting is vital to staying the course. It helps you firm all the lows and keeps you in check during the highs.

Connect the dots looking backwards

Like Steve Jobs famously said, you can only connect the dots looking backwards. I say this from my personal experience as well. We put so much effort into trying to predict where we will be even though it isn’t in our control. More often than not you will find yourself on a completely different trajectory than the one you planned. Of course, for some everything seems to fall in place. While others are led by their circumstances. Hence prepare yourself to be in the best positions in the future but also be ready to accept what life puts in front of you. All the while planning in the present and then one day looking backwards you will be amazed by the picture these dots have painted.

It is time you move towards your dream, your future by planning in the present and taking action. The rest will take care of itself and it’ll be one hell of a journey.

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