Here’s how impossible is possible with you


IMPOSSIBLE! You hear the word and instantly your mind is half way through its shutting process. The more you focus on the word, the more it demotivates you. It doesn’t have to be that way though and that’s why you see a different way to look at this word. Impossible is I M POSSIBLE. It is a strategy that might work for some but for some they wouldn’t see it that way. What if I told you that everything impossible is possible with you. Yes, there are certain things that are outside your skill level but that can either be learnt or consulted.

Knowing the end goal

By knowing the end goal I mean you really got to know it down to the minute details. Many people have goals but how many plan it with details. Some people say they want to get rich, some they want to have a successful career. These goals aren’t detailed, they don’t tell mention how rich or how successful. If you’re going to do it make sure to be pen it down to the last number. Goals aren’t set in stone after you’ve written them. Don’t forget the details while you can change or modify them all you like. Like the idiom, GOD is in the detail. Details make impossible possible.

Doing the right thing

While doing the wrong things can move you forward in life but it eventually comes to a halt. Your conscience catches up with you after a while. Hence doing the right thing is the best way to make impossible possible. Now, doing the right thing doesn’t mean you do it only when you are in suitable situations. Life is going to have troughs and peaks no matter what. Through both the troughs and peaks make sure to always to the right thing.

What does doing the right thing look like? Even though you face challenges. The right thing to do is face it with responsibility. Giving up in the face of challenge is wrong. Although not ethically wrong but it is a step in the wrong direction. Make sure to be on the right side if you wish to make impossible possible.

Keep Chipping away

Don’t stop until you’ve ticked a goal off from your list. Nothing beats people more than the fact that they give up. You never know how close you’re or whether it is the next activity away. Giving up is not an option you want to choose if you’re trying to achieve the impossible. If you tick all the three things you will everything possible. Don’t let the your mind’s cage or other’s opinion let you tell otherwise.

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