Fear Paralysis – Getting out of it.

Don't Panic | Fear Paralysis

Fear bounds a human to chains that don’t exist

Hope you’re doing good. It’s been a couple of weeks since our last upload but who’s counting. I’ve had by fingers on the delete button more than anything else. For some reason maybe it is the writer’s block but whatever concept I thought of didn’t come across as I imagined. As a creator, I feel I owe it to my readers something which touches, moves and inspires them from within to take action towards their dream or life as a whole. Anyway, enough about me, let’s start with today’s blog.

What is Fear Paralysis?

Fear paralysis does exist whether we believe it or not. Every time we fail or have setbacks it has a way of subconsciously influencing us to think we aren’t good enough. Ever had a sleep paralysis attack, no? I’ll tell you what it feels like. It is when you wake up during REM (Rapid Eye Movement) cycle and you aren’t able to move your muscle. Your mind is active but it is disconnected from your body. It is a very common symptom in those that are going through depression and anxiety. However, the primary reason behind this is the change in sleeping habits. A person depressed is hardly able to focus on things around them let alone their sleeping habits.

You Got This

Fear paralysis is just like sleep paralysis. All their life some of us grow up under the constant nagging of ‘you’re not good enough’, ‘you should do better’ or some face this after growing up wherein they lose the confidence in themselves and don’t know how to come out of the rut. Slowly and steadily we take a back seat and don’t feel comfortable sticking out our neck. Then, one day BAM! Fear paralysis has caught up with you. You become fearful of everything that you want to achieve. This fear consumes you and like sleep paralysis it causes a disconnect between your mind and body. Fear encloses you where once confidence used to open you up to new possibilities, like you were meant to be. How do you get that confidence back? How do you connect your mind to your body again? I’ll tell you exactly how.

How to get out of the paralysis?

As I said before sleep and fear paralysis are no different. They’re similar in many ways and hence their cure is also similar. When I had these sleep paralysis episodes in the past (about 5 or 6 years ago), the first thing I experienced was panic because I wasn’t in control of my body. The way I got out of this was by first trying to gain control of my pinky finger. Once I had established the connection, gradually I’d try controlling my hand, then my entire arm and finally my body. It was those small steps, those small connections that helped me gain control.

Small Steps, Big Changes | Fear Paralysis

If you’re struggling to get that confidence back or have always been fearful from the beginning. Start by taking small steps to increase your confidence. Try and establish that connection with your confident self that lives inside you but isn’t strong enough. Feed it small doses of courage every day, every minute and every second by performing small confident acts till the time it is strong enough. Take these small connections as a positive step towards gaining your confidence back. I’ll end this blog by saying, it is the change in sleep pattern that depression causes which eventually leads to sleep paralysis. In case of fear paralysis, it is our inability to face fear that ends up causing fear paralysis and only grows exponentially while we take the back seat.

Go out there and take the front seat as you reestablish the connections with confidence while facing your fear in trying to get rid of it.

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