Dream It. Believe It. Achieve It

Today’s blog is more like a personal diary entry about my dream. Ever since I was old enough to understand the world around me, all I ever wanted was to start working as soon as possible just so that I can help my mother so that she didn’t have to work anymore. Never once did I lean on the thought of starting my own business to earn a living, the concept of running a business was just alien to me. But all that changed when a friend of mine showed up one summer afternoon at my place with the concept of MLM or as commonly known as network marketing. I attended a convention with this friend of mine and I was hooked but there were two big hurdles I had to overcome, firstly that I had to pay registration fee and secondly was my mind set of being safe, being like most of them and following the herd mentality of searching for a 9 to 5 job.

I never got past the first hurdle but what this experience did, was it opened my eyes to a whole new way of making a living. One major reason why this idea stuck with me, was the fact that I could make a living while being at home with family, and that was a deal I wanted very badly. Hence ever since that experience every opportunity I got I would search for ways to do it without investing. There’s two things which kept popping up, people making money off of YouTube and blogging, neither of which I took up because I was introverted and scared of criticism, eventually ended up giving up on the idea but the dream and the idea stayed in my head. The fear of criticism played a vital role in every decision I took and it ended up winning every time and I never started because of it. Two years later the friend who showed me the concept of MLM was achieving things I could only dream of and had also found new ways to further speed his journey to his dream. That’s when I regretted giving up and decided that no matter what, I will give my life a meaning by following my dream.

For those of you wondering, here is my friend’s YouTube channel who introduced me to business (I think it is safe to say he is living his dream)


As I write this blog, I realise that many people go through the same. The fight with their mind to just do it and often the fearful mind comes out triumphant. Most of you reading this might have heard about a quote, “You’ll never know how good you are until you begin” because it rings true to so many of them who take a back sit on the journey to their dream, why? cause they’re afraid of people complaining about their driving technique. Don’t worry about the criticism the world has got to offer, cause its your dream that you’re driving towards, not theirs. Just take the wheel in your hand and get on road to your dream on the path which you choose to arrive at the destination. Hence, I’ve got my twist on the above quote, “You’ll never be good if you don’t try.” Don’t worry of the bystanders, they will hardly even matter once you’ve arrived at your dream, start your car and move on the next dream. That’s life. Moving on to the next dream. Even though man settled and started farming but he always remained a nomad. Bring out that quality of a primitive man in you and be a nomad for your dream.

At the time of writing this I met a friend of mine and I decided to talk to him about his life, what he revealed to me was a perfect example for this blog. As I spoke to him about his college life and how is it going, he said to me, “Two more years of studying and I’m done.” I just happened to ask him, “What next?” to which he said, “Sound Engineering.” I was little puzzled with his answer cause this friend of mine is currently pursuing hotel management. I probed him further asking him, “Why?” and his answer was what I spoke about in my previous blog, he said to me, “It makes me happy.” Find a dream that makes you happy and even though you aren’t able to start off in the direction of your dream, never forget about it and you’ll have means to come up with a plan for your ultimate dream. As far as my friend is concerned, he plans on working in a hotel for 6 years after his graduation, and then hop on the car headed towards his dream.

Are you ready with a plan? Are you ready to ignore criticism and zoom past them on your way to your dream? Are you ready to dream it? Believe it? And Achieve it?

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