Right or Wrong: Who is the judge?

What makes a decision right or wrong? Who decides or precedes over the judgement? Often times our mind is the perfect judge that lets you know when you are wrong. There is that inner gut feeling that hints you that there is something wrong about what you are about to Continue Reading

You Are Privileged, here’s how

I truly believe it when I say that you’re privileged. It might not seem to you right now but allow me to prove it. What is privilege? A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to a particular person or group) according to google. Which is incorrect because Continue Reading

Here’s how impossible is possible with you

IMPOSSIBLE! You hear the word and instantly your mind is half way through its shutting process. The more you focus on the word, the more it demotivates you. It doesn’t have to be that way though and that’s why you see a different way to look at this word. Impossible Continue Reading

Always Practice Your Craft

‘Always keep writing’, my friend once told me. Not that I plan on stopping but that statement there has a lot to it than what meets the eyes. Before I get further on with the blog, I’d just like say that this blog has helped me a lot. Writing to Continue Reading


In these times of uncertainty,Let us stay hopeful.Because we have the power inside us.The power to do the impossible.We may be on the back foot now,But soon we will be making future plans.To explore, to expand and to interact.So, let us stay hopeful. We maybe unbearable at times.Look like we Continue Reading

Detach, Distract, Overcome

Before I begin today’s blog I would like to express my gratitude to all our readers for supporting us. Writing this blog is like talking to each one of you face to face for me and hence I pour my heart out when I write these. I would also like Continue Reading

Stay in your lane

I’m surprised at the number of blogs that I’ve written have had their ideas from everyday life. I guess that’s what makes my brain tick. Today’s blog idea came from a problem that every person living in the major city around the world faces. But we, the people of Mumbai Continue Reading