Hi, I’m Steven and welcome to Stevens Wonder Blogs. I’m the creator and co-author of this blog post along with Melissa. This blog page is your one stop shop for motivational real life stories, life lessons and how to for live abundantly.

Why did I create this website?

I’ve had life experiences in the past that have made me realize the power that our mind possesses. I wanted a way to share the lessons I learnt through these past experiences. I also, wanted to help people out of circumstances that I faced. But over the past two years it has also grown into me observing a person and trying to draw out a lesson to be learnt from their life. I share these lessons with my audience to help them better their life. Not just to be the richest but to be the happiest to along with it

How is this blog going to help you?

Every lesson that we share is based events occurring around our lives and from people who share their experiences with us. These blogs provide consultation for your life problems. You may not face them but if you do come across someone who is going through something and want to help. You can send them to our page. Not only that, if you take in the lessons shared and apply them to your life. I truly believe it can change your life for the better.

Before you go.

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